Manway Water Cannon Provider

Sludge removal is a necessary part of life for many people. Whether you own a refinery or you run a sludge removal company, you need a reliable way to remove sludge from various systems. One option is the Manway water cannon. Learn more about this option below.


At Sludge Removal Systems, we know how important it is for sludge to be removed carefully. That's why we are proud to provide a system that has never failed to remove sludge from a tank. If you've tried other systems and seen subpar success, ask one of our team members about our water cannon.

Environmentally Friendly

Sludge is harmful to the environment, so just by reducing the amount of sludge that flows into the waste stream, you'll be helping the environment. However, we take things a step further, as we provide chemicals that are environmentally friendly and remove more sludge.


Because of the success you can find with our water cannons, you can enjoy the cost savings that come from not having to try multiple solutions every time you need to remove the oil sludge from your systems. If you are ready to have a cleaner tank for a lower price, call us at (562) 439-5654 or fill out our contact form.